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About VAX 904

Vax 904 – a partnership of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the City of Jacksonville, and local health care and community wellness partners – was created to provide COVID-19 education and resources to residents of Duval County, in particular children and adults living in Health Zone 1. Everything you need to know, including information about where you can get vaccinated, boosted and tested in your area, is right here at your fingertips. You, me, us and we – we’re in this together, and together is how we’re going to make it.

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COVID-19 information you need to know, and want to know.

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Think you may have COVID-19? Looking for the vaccine or a booster? Here’s where to go.


Vax 904 community partners banded together to keep Jacksonville and Duval County informed, empowered and safe. Find out what resources – which also include additional COVID-19 testing, vaccination and booster sites – they can offer you.

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Use the following Vax 904 messaging resources – yours for the taking – to help spread the word about staying healthy and not spreading COVID-19.

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